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Hymenoplasty, a big market?Can I recover my virginity?

The hymen is a thin membrane usually shaped like a half moon, which is naturally placed in the opening of the vagina and it breaks when the woman inserts an object for the first time in her vagina, like the penis during the first sexual relation. This is the reason why the presence or absence of the hymen can help to determine if a woman has had sex or not, which is socially known as being a virgin.

The idea of women virginity is closely related to some cultures and religions. For example, in the Asian and Arabic cultures, if a man discovers on the wedding night that his new wife is not a virgin, the marriage can be voided, the woman’s family dishonored and the woman isolated or even murdered.

Can I recover my virginity?

In general terms, every woman that wishes to recover her hymen can undergo a hymenoplasty, which can be defined as the surgical procedure in which the surgeon takes a flap of the vaginal lining to reconstruct a broken hymen or to create a new one in women that were born without it.

However, this new surgical procedure is very controversial because many people say that virginity is a state of sexual inexperience and not the presence or absence of a hymen. So, through a hymenoplasty, the woman can recover her hymen, but some people don’t consider them as real virgins.

Why is Hymenoplasty becoming so trending?

Although this surgical procedure is very controversial, every day more women are undergoing this procedure for many reasons, and some of them are so important as saving their lives.

For example, the hymenoplasty can be performed in women that due to cultural or religious reasons must demonstrate their virginity and chastity before marriage or during their first night, but they have been born without a hymen (between 40 and 50% of all women) or have broken it accidentally and they can be condemned to death for being considered impure.

It is important to know that the insertion of some objects in the vagina can cause the hymen’s break even when the woman has not had sex. Things like using tampons, vigorous exercise or falling on a sharp object in a pool or bathtub can cause the hymen rupture.

This procedure can also be used to reconstruct the hymen of women that have suffered rape or sexual abuse but their virginity is very important for them. So, by recovering their hymen, they can find a way to repair both physic and psychological damage and face their trauma in a different way.

Finally, some women consider their virginity as “a gift” for their couples, but naturally, it can be lost just once in life. So, those women who regret from having lost their virginity with a man, want to get it back to bring this “gift” to a special person. However, this use is more controversial because many people consider that hymenoplasty just creates a state of “fake virginity”.

What shall I do if I want to have a Hymenoplasty?If you want to recover your hymen, our first recommendation is to look for a qualified surgeon to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure and to obtain information about its legality in your country to avoid both legal and health problems. Apart from these key elements for any woman to bear in mind before having such plastic surgery, it is obvious that the market is growing fast.

If old hymenoplasty techniques are known since ever (for instance using some part of fishes), the rise of plastic surgery know enables now any woman to recover her hymen and that has a deep psychological and social impact. The market is increasing every year by an average of 4% but in very different areas. It has to be noticed that somehow few plastic surgery clinics offer such treatment for many reasons that are unexplained, thefore you should enquire first if in your selected country this procedure is available.

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