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Regain Your Self-Confidence

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Genital Cosmetic Surgery/ Cosmetic Gynecology

Female genital cosmetic surgery (FGCS) refers to new treatment/enhancement technologies that are used to change the appearance of external Genitalia and improve confidence.

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Genital Plastic Surgery

With Age and Child Birth the vagina and perineum tends to become loose taking away the pleasure of intimacy. Genital plastic surgery helps restore the anatomy.

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Genital Rejuvenation

With age the vagina becomes dry and intercourse less pleasurable. Rejuvenation with nonsurgical modalities helps revive your relationship.

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Our Clients Speak

I had my hymenoplasty done at Healios Intima and very satisfied with the results. The center has warm, friendly, Caring Ambiance and staff leading to a great experience. The Doctor was very understanding a ensured my privacy and confidentiality.

Three child birth had made my vagina loose and strained my sex life, my husband contacted the center for a solution. The doctors explained the options and described the procedure. The vaginoplasty procedure was done under local anesthesia and I was fit to go home within a couple of hours. After six weeks I am fully happy with the results and reviving our sex life.

I had a long labia which caused lot of discomfort while walking. I was unsure whom to contact and could not tell my parents or friends about my problem. I came across the center while searching online. I consulted the doctor who was very understanding of my problem. I underwent labiaplasty under local anesthesia. Since I had come alone I was apprehensive about the recovery , the staff were very supportive and made sure i was comfortable and was sent home after a few hours of procedure. Its been three months and since the surgery and very happy with the results it has brought a new confidence within me. Thank You Healios Intima Team.

After attaining menopause my vagina became very dry and cause lot of pain during sex. Also the urine used to leak on lifting weight and coughing. I under went four session of non surgical vaginal rejuvenation and I can already see an improvement. My vagina is moist and the urine leakage has stopped. Very grateful to the Doctors at Healios Intima

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