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Virginity Surgery

What is Hymenoplasty ?

Hymenoplasty or  Virginity procedure, which is also referred to as hymenorrhaphy, hymen reconstruction, hymen repair, hymen restoration, hymen surgery, revirgination and  re Virginity surgery is the most popular term describing surgery to reestablish the integrity of the hymen. Hymenoplasty Definition is restoration of Hymen.

What is Hymen?

A hymen is a thin pinkish membrane that partially blocks the vaginal entrance. It is situated just inside the vagina about half an inch inside. It is in fact part of the vulva which is the gateway to vagina. The function of the hymen is unknown but has been proposed as a vaginal barrier against external sources of infection until puberty.

Who Needs A Hymenoplasty or Revirgination ?

Repair has no direct medical benefit. Absence of the hymen or failure to bleed is not necessarily a sign of previous intercourse. Studies have shown that over 40% did not bleed at first intercourse and intact hymen has been reported in 52% with prior intercourse.

There are many reasons why a woman might consider undergoing a hymenoplasty procedure.  Some of the reasons for having hymenoplasty include:

Cultural or religious reasons.

In some cultures, having an intact hymen is very significant as it acts as a signifier of the chastity of a woman. Whether during sexual activity or otherwise, a woman’s hymen can tear. Having cosmetic surgery to restore the hymen is a way of proving virginity and chastity.

Psychological healing.

If a woman has suffered rape or sexual abuse, it is very likely that her hymen will have torn. As a way to repair the psychological damage of this kind of abuse, some women choose to have hymen surgery to restore them both physically and mentally to the time before the abuse o

Injury to the hymen.

For some women, having an intact hymen that becomes broken during a first sexual experience is very important. In some instances, the hymen can tear before intercourse. Use of tampons and vigorous exercise can all tear the hymen, and in the case of a hymen being torn because of these activities, hymenoplasty offers a surgical solution.


When a woman begins a relationship with a new partner but has already broken her hymen during sexual intercourse, she may wish to have her hymen surgically restructured.

Whatever the reason for wanting hymenoplasty, the procedure is a safe one when it is carried out by experienced surgeons. Our surgeons have immense experience in hymenoplasty, having carried out many successful operations on hopeful ladies.

For your virginity surgery in Bangalore, we provide a caring, comfortable, convenient and supportive environment for the surgery.

Call and speak to a doctor about Hymenoplasty in Bangalore.

Timing of Hymenoplasty

The timing of anticipated coitus may play a role in selecting a surgical approach. For patients who desire structural integrity and need the hymen to be intact on visual inspection, the repair should be performed 3 months before the “consummation of marital vows.” However, when the timing of coitus is known, and the patient desires bleeding but visual integrity is not needed, surgery is often best scheduled 3 weeks before the date.

Hymenoplasty Surgery technique

The choice of procedure is decided by the surgeon based on desired outcome and time till marriage. The most common procedures are flap technique, Surgical adhesion, Luminal reduction and suture only techniques. It is performed as a day care procedure under local anesthesia with sedation or preferably under General anesthesia due to the anxiety of the procedure involved. All techniques achieve the same goal of forming adhesions between hymen remnants and narrowing the introitus.

Hymenoplasty Surgery Technique

Hymenoplasty Recovery time ?

Mild discomfort is treated with oral pain medication for a few days. Wound care consists of gentle irrigation after urination and patting after defecation. You can take shower the next day, and  should not use public pools, hot tubs, and saunas for 4 weeks. If you start your menstrual cycle, it is recommended you avoid using tampons for your next 1-2 cycles to avoid irritation of the incisions while they are healing.

At least couple of days should be taken off work or arrange to work from home during this time. Aggressive physical activity should be avoided for at least a week or two after surgery. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for approximately 4 weeks after a hymenoplasty. By week 6 to 8, the healing is complete, and no restrictions are needed.

Hymenoplasty Before After / Hymenoplasty Pics

Hymenoplasty Before After

Hymenoplasty Images


  • Sexual Satisfaction – Hymenoplasty can increment sexual fulfillment, as this technique additionally fixes the vaginal wall. In the wake of having kids, the vaginal walls enlarge, which gives a loose, unfulfilling feeling during sex.
  • Tightens up the hymen.
  • Upon the successful repair of the hymen, the lady will have the capacity to feel fuller amid sex.
  • Higher plausibility of lady reaching an orgasm amid sex.
  • Improves sexual delight.
  • Reestablished Virginity.

Hymenoplasty can likewise go about as a type of restraint from sex. This is on the grounds that you can’t enjoy sex quickly in the wake of experiencing the hymenoplasty. When you do take part in sex after the methodology, you will encounter the same feeling as though it was your first time.


On the off chance that you decide on the surgery for ethnic, religious or social reasons, then Hymenoplasty can reestablish you physically and in addition give you true serenity. It is viewed as a disgrace in a few societies to not be a virgin during the wedding night.
If you fall into this class and need to save your life partner and family any disrespect, then you may choose to do a Hymenoplasty. Subsequent to engaging in sexual relations with your life partner after the method, there will be some resistance and most probable than not, bleeding, which is an indication of virginity.

Sexual Assault  

Hymenoplasty is an approach to reestablish what was unrightly taken from you, if you happen to be a victim of sexual assault. Particularly in the event that you need to stay a virgin until the wedding night, or even just to spare the ‘first-time feeling’ for someone you pick, then this might be the best technique for you.

Hymenoplasty likewise helps in boosting physical wellbeing. This is on account of the fundamental capacity of the hymen to shield the passageway of the vagina from things, for example, germs, dirt and microscopic organisms. It likewise advances better blood flow in the vagina.

Getting a Hymenoplasty has numerous advantages for a lady. There are practically no reactions or difficulties with this technique given that it is performed legitimately by an experienced  surgeon. Counsel with your specialist about any worries you may have.

Hymenoplasty Risks & Side-Effects

Virginity restoration surgery is a safe and secure procedure. However, it also comes with some risks and side-effects. Let us go through some of the most common hymenoplasty side effects:

  • The patient might suffer from small risks of infection, which might happen because of prolonged bleeding or even anesthesia.
  • After the hymenoplasty surgery, patients are likely to experience pain and soreness which can be reduced in a few days with the prescribed dosage of painkillers.
  • Because of the use of small dissolving suture there may be mild bleeding after hymenoplasty  from the surgical wound, possibly caused by walking or other activities.
  • It is quite a rare possibility to have severe complications.
  • Failure to bleed on intercourse and repair breakdown are the only surgical complications.
  • Problems that are associated with the suture might narrow the vaginal opening, and can make future intercourses quite difficult.

Hymenoplasty FAQ

Do I need accompanying person?

If you are major (> 18 years) there is no need of accompanying person. The secrecy and confidentiality will be strictly maintained

Is there scar or sign of operation?

No, there are no signs visible after surgery. Initial few weeks till the Hymenoplasty Stitches get absorbed there will be sutures seen on visual inspection. Once you have recovered full, you will see an intact hymen like natural one without any scar mark

Can it be combined with other procedures?

Hymenoplasty Procedure can be combined with labioplasty for vulval shaping or vaginoplasty when there is vaginal laxity.

Is Hymenoplasty Successful?

Majority of the time the  procedure is successful and there is restoration of hymen, But the bleeding during intercourse is unpredictable and depends on healing process, most report the tightness and pain during the intercourse with partner.

What is the cost of Hymenoplasty Surgery?

Hymenoplasty cost Bangalore

The virginity restoration or virginity surgery in Bangalore or Hymenoplasty surgery  cost might vary from private clinics to public hospitals. The hymenoplasty cost Revrgination surgery cost in Bangalore / India might range from 28,000 INR to 50,000 INR in private healthcare centers while in public hospitals the hymenoplasty costs range between 15,000 INR to 20,000 INR. The overall cost of hymenoplasty in Bangalore/India   also depends on the infrastructure, technique thats used, the location of the clinic and experience of its surgeon and its medical staff.

How to restore virginity

Virginity is psychological  state and experience it can be partially restored physically by restoring the hymen.

What is virginity restoration surgery

Virginity restoration surgery is same as hymenoplasty and in addition may be combined with vaginoplasty.

Hymenoplasty Surgery Reviews

Most people are happy with the procedure and results and when asked if they would undergo the procedure again if needed 95% say yes.

What is Laser Hymenoplasty

The procedure may be done using a CO2 laser to make the cuts and has no benefit what so ever in the results.

Hymenoplasty Aftercare

At least couple of days should be taken off work or arrange to work from home during this time. Aggressive physical activity should be avoided for at least a week or two after surgery. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for approximately 4 weeks after the procedure. By week 6 to 8, the healing is complete, and no restrictions are needed.

What are the other common  names used for hymenoplasty

Virginity operation , virginity repair surgery , repair virginity surgery , virginity back operation , hymenorrhaphy surgery , hymenorrhaphy procedure , virginity back surgery , surgery to get virginity back , virginity regain surgery , revirginity surgery , Plastic surgery for Virginity , surgery to get virginity back , virginity back surgery , surgery to get your virginity back , virginity reconstruction .

Does hymenoplasty really work

Hymenoplasty is most oven very successful and restores the hymen. And during sexual intercourse there will be feeling of tightness, pain and bleeding 

Is Hymenoplasty Safe

It is a safe surgery which is usually done under local anesthesia and sedation. It carries minimal or no risk.

Is Hymenoplasty Painful

It is relatively painless procedure as the hymen has minimal nerve endings. There may be mild pain for which medications will be given for a few days after surgery.


How much does Hymenoplasty cost

The hymenoplasty cost Revrgination surgery cost in Bangalore / India might range from 20,000 INR to 50,000 INRin private healthcare centers while in public hospitals the hymenoplasty costs range between 15,000 INR to 20,000 INR.

Hymenoplasty hospitals in bangalore

Healios Intima Center for genital surgery is one of the best known for its best hymenoplasty surgeons in India and hence we guarantee you the best results of the revirginity procedure at affordable prices without compromising with the high-quality treatment that we offer. Search For Hymenoplasty near me to locate a clinic near you or Search Hymenoplasty Centers


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