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Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Genital Cosmetic surgery is on the raise

Te rise in demand of labiaplasty for aesthetic and functional reasons has increased signifcantly in Western culture. Labiaplasty has been practiced since the 1970s, when, even then, women thought that the labia minora should not protrude beyond the labia majora for aesthetic and functional satisfaction. Snug-ftting clothes like leggings and yoga pants have become fashion trends that lead women to be more cautious about the way their crotch is contoured. The rise in numbers of women having Genital Cosmetic Surgery is in some part due to a greater awareness of the available procedures. There is a wealth of information about Genital Cosmetic Surgery on the internet and major women’s magazines have also featured articles on the topic.

The rise in popularity of Brazilian waxing appears to be one reason why Genital Cosmetic Surgery is on the rise. Removing the vast majority of pubic hair means that the genitals are less camouflaged and women are more aware of their appearance. Increased exposure has led women to feel more self-conscious about their genitals and worried about whether they are ‘normal’.

Insecurity that stems from personal dissatisfaction can wreak havoc on personal relationships. Women who are worried about the acceptance of their genitalia’s appearance sometimes avoid starting a relationship because they fear physical interaction. They also may refuse to take their current relationship to the next level to avoid what they think will be a humiliating experience.

Genital cosmetic surgery is a personal choice to improve the aesthetics and self confidence.

There are various procedures to improve the functionality and aesthetics of Genitals and include.

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