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What is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty/ Vaginal tightening/Vaginal rejuvenation is a surgical procedure which tightens the female pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina. The goal of the procedure is to give a woman better strength or control of these muscles, which can lead to greater satisfaction for both the female and her partner during sexual intercourse. The procedure was originally intended to fix genetic vaginal deformations or repair vaginal stretches and tears that are often the result of childbirth. Now, many women are also choosing to have the surgery for aesthetic reasons.

Who Can Benefit from Vaginal tightening

There are several ways that vaginoplasty can be helpful for women.

  • After childbirth: After a woman gives birth naturally, the muscles in her vagina can weaken. This can cause issues with sexual intercourse, incontinence problems and a general feeling of “looseness.” Vaginoplasty can strengthen the vagina walls and muscles and decrease the vaginal diameter.
  • Vaginal defects: Every vagina is different. Some people do not like the appearance of their vagina, and others may have defects in their vagina. If this causes self-esteem issues for the woman,vaginoplasty can help. If the defect is caused by a disease or trauma it needs to be repaired.

How is Vaginal tightening Procedure Performed?

Depending on the goals of the patient, a vaginoplasty would be performed as either a reconstructive surgery or a cosmetic surgery. for the treatment to be successful, vaginal walls and muscles are tightened to change the appearance of the vagina. During the procedure, the surgeon removes any excess vaginal lining, any surrounding tissue, and then tightens the vaginal walls.

Vaginoplasty or Vaginal tightening Before After

Recovery from Vaginal tightening

In most cases, the recovery from vaginoplasty is less stressful to the body than recovering from having a second childbirth. Most women need two to three days of rest. In order to reduce the pain and swelling, women should ice the area regularly for the first 48 to 72 hours. If there is still swelling, heat may then be applied.

When showering, women should carefully clean the surgical area and then dab it so that it is completely dry. They should then apply an antibiotic ointment to the external stitches.

Depending on how physically strenuous their jobs are, most patients can return to work within two to three days. In Case of other vaginal procedures performed, such as a labiaplasty to reshape the lips or a hymenoplasty to restore the hymen to its condition before the woman had intercourse, she should wait for a week to return to work.

Post  vaginoplasty women must avoid  strenuous exercise for about three weeks or  until the stitches are dissolved. Sitz baths can help speed the healing process.

After about four weeks, women should use a small toy to open up the vaginal canal. If the toy is comfortable, women can begin gentle sexual activity about five to six weeks after surgery. After about 13 weeks, the healing should be complete.

Risks / Complications

The risks associated with vaginoplasty are similar to many other common surgeries and include infection, bleeding, severe scarring, and blood clots. However, these risks are typically rare as long as the patient is in good health to begin with. In fact, the procedure has less health risks than pregnancy. Other risks include nerve damage, vaginal collapse, and unbalanced lubrication, although these are not highly likely with a skilled surgeon. Some small scars are normal and should fade over time as long as the patient observes the necessary steps in the recovery process. Should one decide to have vaginoplasty done, the surgeon would be able to discuss in detail the risks associated with that particular person’s procedure

Vaginoplasty Cost

The average cost of a vaginoplasty procedure is within the range of 4,5000 to 8,5000 INR. When vaginoplasty is combined with another vulvar surgery such as labiaplasty or G-spot augmentation, costs will decrease.

Reasons to Get Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty originated as a surgery for females with vaginal deformations, vaginal injuries, or serious vaginal stretching due to childbirth. Now, more women are taking advantage of vaginoplasty for aesthetic purposes. After childbirth or as a female ages, the tissue in and around the vagina may become loose, the pelvic floor muscles can become weak, and the vagina may feel wider. These natural changes can have a negative effect on a female’s sex life if they cause her or her partner to feel less sensation during sex, or if the female feels self-conscious about her body.

Vaginoplasty or Vaginal Rejuvenation is helpful in  restoring the vagina to its younger, stronger look and feel, which  makes sex feel better and boost sexual confidence. Anyone who is healthy enough for surgery can have vaginoplasty done, so some women who have never experienced vaginal damage may choose to have the operation, simply because they desire a change in the look or feel of their vagina.1

Reasons Not to Get Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty or Vaginal Rejuvenation is not done in pregnant women or  those who are planning  for pregnancy. If a female has the operation prior to giving birth, childbirth could be more difficult and painful.  Childbirth effects on vagina are likely to negate the changes made by vaginoplasty.

While vaginoplasty or Vaginal Rejuvenation can be a good option for some females, it is not the only option. Kegel exercises and vaginal inserts is used to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Some vaginal creams are available that  claims to cause swelling of the vagina, making it feel tighter and stronger. These creams can be used over a period of time to gradually improve the sensations of sex, but there is not guarantee that every female will be satisfied with the results. These alternatives do not give quick results or permanent as the results of vaginoplasty.

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