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G Spot Enhancement

G Spot Enhancement

What is the G Spot Enhancement?

The G- shot or G Spot Enhancement is a revolutionary scientific breakthrough that enhances and enlarges the G-spot. For good health we need good genes, a good diet, regular exercise as well as a good sex life. A good sex life can depend on many factors, and one of these is a particularly sensitive spot within the vagina. We can improve our sexual sensitivity by increasing the size of the G-spot.

The term ‘G-spot’ was first introduced by Dr. Ernest Grafenberg in 1950; he wrote about heightened erotic sensitivity along the front vaginal wall, about halfway between the back of the pubic bone and the front of the cervix. When this area is stimulated during sex through any vaginal penetration some women experience a stronger orgasm.

The G Spot Enhancement creates more fullness to the G spot, allowing greater direct stimulation, so you can have a more intense and deeper orgasm. It also allows achieving an orgasm with less difficulty. G Spot Enhancement is also referred to as the G shot, and G spot augmentation. Women find that after G spot enhancement, they are much more aware of their G spot. For women who are already tuned in to their G spot, they notice that it is more sensitive, fulfilling, and orgasms occur easier, more frequently, with less frustration, and are more intense.

Some women are not aware of their G spot, or think they do not have one. These women find that with G spot enhancement, they are more able to achieve deep vaginal orgasms, and become aware of the elusive G spot. G spot enhancement is a safe, quick, and an effective way to have more sexual satisfaction.

What is the G Spot?

The G spot is an area of the anterior (front) of the vagina, about 2 inches in. The tissue may be a little thicker here, and is more sensitive to the touch. If you curl 2 fingers just inside your vagina and press your vaginal tissue toward your skin, and with the other hand, press down on the skin just above your pubic bone, you will likely find an area of increased sensitivity (even if it doesn’t cause arousal). This is the area of the G Spot.

How to locate G Spot

What is the difference between a clitoral and vaginal orgasm?

A clitoral orgasm is more like short, superficial lightning bolts, while a vaginal orgasm is more like a thunderstorm. A vaginal orgasm causes the whole body to respond for much longer with extreme pleasure, contraction of all the muscles, sometimes even with an “out of body, floating” experience.

The Procedure

You will lay in a position similar to the one you are in for a Pap smear and if you can locate your G-spot a surgical marker will be used to mark the area. A speculum is used and a fine needle is used to inject Dermal Filler, the same filler used for facial procedures for more than a decade.

The whole G-spot augmentation procedure only requires 15 minutes. A G-spot augmentation may be done at the same time as other cosmetic vaginal surgery including labiaplasty, labia majora augmentation or vaginal tightening.

G Spot Before After

Does it hurt?

The procedure is essentially painless. There is no downtime, and sex can be resumed the same day. There are no limitations.

What can I expect after G Spot Enhancement?

Most women will experience heightened arousal and sensitivity during sexual stimulation immediately. Your ability to have a deep vaginal orgasm is likely to be easier to achieve and be more intense. This should last for several months. Your sexual partner will notice your increased pleasure and more fulfilling orgasms, but physically, you will be the same.

In a pilot study, 87% of women reported enhanced sexual arousal/gratification after receiving the G-shot. Results will vary. G-shot naturally amplifies the G-spot resulting in the activation of this sensitive area allowing the area to swell slightly and become easier to stimulate. After a few days most women report more sensation in the area and a few even found that they can achieve orgasm faster, more strongly and more often than before (multiple orgasms).

A small minority of women also report the occurrence of female ejaculation with extreme pleasure, which they have never experienced before the treatment. It is important that after an augmentation there is the opportunity for maximum friction during sexual intercourse.

How long does G Spot Augmentation last?

It varies. With the more modern fillers, durability studies in other tissues show that it lasts for several months. A recent study found that the filler we use (Juvederm) lasts over 18 months after a series of two injections when it was used in the face.

How is my G spot found?

The G Spot is often thought of being part of the urethral sponge. The G Spot is an area approximately the size of a dime, and is very sensitive because it is made up of nerve tissue.

To get a sense of where your G spot may be, place one hand over your bladder just above the bone. With the other hand, use 2 fingers and insert them touching the top of your vagina. The area that is the most sensitive where you press between the two hands is the typical area of the G spot.

If you use your fingers, you’ll feel the difference in texture in the area where the G Spot is located, which is bumpier than the rest of the smooth vaginal lining. If you reach something that feels like the tip of your nose, you are touching your cervix and you’ve gone too far. Many women have difficulty finding their G Spot, because its size, dimension, and location vary from woman to woman.

If you know where your G spot is, then you communicate that to the doctor. If you have never found it, the doctor will determine the location during exam. It is basically an area of increased sensitivity.

Is there an age limit on having this treatment?

There is no real age limit, but if your vagina is loose it is not advisable to do G-spot augmentation. You should have a vaginal tightening surgery first or perform pelvic floor exercises to tighten the vagina, but this takes time.

Does the G-spot injection hurt and how long does it last for?

You will be given a local anaesthesia before the injection. It should last between 4 to 6 to 12 months, depending on which material is used. This is a safe, drug-free, painless and effective procedure which takes 15 minutes in the doctor’s office.

Are there any known side effects from having the injections?

Sometimes there is very minor soreness or possible spotting for 12 hours. Usually, sexual activity can be resumed 24-48 hours after the injection.

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